Skriv ML

An efficient lightweight markup language


An open webservice, which freely converts SkrivML text to HTML.

How it works

Call this URL (GET or POST request):

With a text parameter containing the SkrivML content.


Code example: PHP

$skriv = '**bold** text __italic__';
$url = '';
$html = file_get_contents("$url?text=" . urlencode($skriv));

Code example: Javascript/jQuery

var skriv = "**bold** text __italic__";
var url = "";
var html = $.get(url, {text: skriv});

Code example: Ruby

require 'net/http'

skriv = '**bold** text __italic__'
url = ''
html = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI(url), 'text' => skriv)

Code example: Python

skriv = '**bold** text __italic__'
url = ''
params = dict(text=skriv)
html = urllib2.Request(url, urllib.urlencode(params))

Code example: Lua

local surl = require "socket.url"
local http = require "socket.http"

local skriv = '**bold** text __italic__'
local url = ''
local html = http.request(url.."?text="..surl.escape(skriv))

GET/POST Parameters

text The SkrivML text to convert
shortenLongUrl Set to 'false' to disable long URL shortening
convertSmileys Set to 'false' to disable smileys conversion
convertSymbols Set to 'false' to disable symbols conversion
anchorsPrefix Defines the prefix of anchor identifiers
footnotesPrefix Defines the prefix of footnote identifiers
codeSyntaxHighlight Set to 'false' to disable source code highlight
codeInlineStyles Set to 'true' to enable inline styles in code highlight
codeLineNumbers Set to 'false' to disable line numbers in code highlight
firstTitleLevel Defines the HTML heading of first level titles
targetBlank Set to 'true' to use blank targets on every links. Set to 'false' to never use blank target on any link.
nofollow Set to 'true' to use the nofollow directive on every links. Set to 'false' to never use the nofollow directive on any link.
addFootnotes Set to 'true' to add footnotes' HTML at the end of the page
getFootnotes Set to 'true' to get only footnotes' HTML content
ext-lipsum Set to 'false' to disable the <<<lipsum>>> extension
ext-date Set to 'false' to disable the <<date>> extension